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Homeowner’s insurance has been going up and up due to natural disasters that have been extremely expensive to cover and are occurring more frequently. From Homeowners to Auto, Umbrella, and more, we offer a complete suite of top insurance products at the best available rates. Let us quote your home and auto too. Our in-house agency representing Allstate, Progressive, and several other top tier providers will give you the best pricing around. Also, consider a mortgage protection policy to protect your family by paying off the mortgage in the event you die or are disabled — very inexpensive coverage for your most expensive asset, your home.

It appears that future taxes will probably be higher for most, not lower, due to an exploding national debt as well as tens of trillions of unfunded promises to fund Social Security and Medicare. Since a great deal of money will be required to fulfill these government promises the only people that will be taxed to pay for this will be people with taxable income. All monies taken out of qualified plans are taxable, at the then-current rates when income is taken. It is a simple math problem, with taxes probably having to go up in the future; it just makes sense to pay the taxes sooner than later.

“The only people that will be taxed, to pay for this, will be the people with taxable income.”

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